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Our Team

James Moriarty, Founder and President

James began his career in the medical claims industry in 1986 working as a claims adjuster on automotive cases. He transitioned to the Independent Medical Evaluations field in 1990 while graduating with his Master of Health Administration from The University of Washington. Before graduating, James was hired with Medical Consultants NW where he quickly rose through the ranks from Physician Recruiter to Chief Operating Officer. In 1996, after years of dedicated service, James left to pursue his own business ambitions and founded MACHAON Medical Evaluations in Seattle in 1997. Founded on the core principles of fairness, justice, physician excellence, and individualized service, James grew MACHAON from a fledgling company to an industry leader. He has navigated the uncertain terrain of an ever-changing industry and world and maintained his commitment to keeping MACHAON an independently owned, local boutique firm.

James holds his Master’s degree in Health Administration (MHA) from the University of Washington, a Pre- Med Biology Bachelor’s degree from The University of South Carolina: Spartanburg, and was a licensed EMT. He is a member of both the Washington Defense Trial Lawyers and Oregon Association of Defense Counsel. He was born and raised on Queen Anne Hill where he coached basketball and soccer at St. Anne and St. Joseph schools.  He has played soccer for over 50 years and has participated in National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Soccer championships. James has three children and resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Jennifer, and his three rescue dogs.


Natalie Christner, Director of Operations

With a background in journalism, sales, and legal work, Natalie is uniquely qualified for the position of Director of Operations at MACHAON. She achieved her bachelor's degree in Journalism from Seattle University where she received an academic scholarship. In college, Natalie spent two years interning at a small publication as an editor and managing a team of up and coming journalists. After graduating, she worked in outside sales further developing her strong communication and interpersonal skills before moving into the legal field. She has worked as a legal assistant and paralegal in three highly respected firms. Natalie has assisted with construction litigation, personal injury cases with a focus on elder care, and asbestos and environmental exposure cases. She brings a sophisticated knowledge of the inner working of medicolegal cases. Her background provides her with a deeper understanding of the progression of legal cases and her client's needs. Natalie handles a variety of highly specialized cases and provides personalized service to her clients every time. She manages the Seattle office and consistently strives to meet challenges head on and complete all tasks with excellence.

After joining MACHAON, Natalie was quickly promoted and has worked in every position in the Seattle office, including Records Coordinator and Scheduling Coordinator. This allows her to bring a holistic approach to her position and to her service in the IME industry as a whole.

Originally from Santa Fe, NM, Natalie now resides in Seattle with her cat Chopstick. She enjoys traveling, exploring new cuisines, and reading. Coming from a long line of artists, much of her free time is spent painting or creating digital art.



Sandra Bobman, Scheduling Coordinator

Joining MACHAON from a customer service and drama background, Sandra has a deep understanding of the complexities of managing multifaceted cases to stay on track. She received her master's degree in Library and Information Science and a bachelor’s in Drama from The University of Washington. Before getting her undergraduate degree in Drama, Sandra intended to become a translator and is conversational in French and Hebrew. In Library School, she was particularly interested in a class that covered the history of written language and included hands on lessons in book binding and calligraphy.


As a stage manager, Sandra built rehearsal schedules around cast and production conflicts, which helped to build the defensive scheduling skills she uses today. Her background in managing multiple ever- changing priorities means that she is ready to ensure that the show does, in fact, go on. When Sandra worked as a receptionist she discovered the impact kindness can make on a person's day and she has since endeavored to bring that light to each interaction she has.


Sandra is well versed in legal matters as she comes from generations of lawyers. Her grandfather practiced real estate law and her father practiced family law out of her childhood home. 

Sandra is originally from Tacoma, but now lives in Seattle with her cat Quincy who is, in her opinion, the fattest cat you'll ever see. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her two sisters and reading. She especially likes Agatha Christie's novels and she has collected over 25 vintage paperback Poirot mysteries.

Sarrah Topiwala, Records Lead

Sarrah achieved her master’s degree in Public Health from Benedictine University and her bachelor's degree in Biology from Northern Illinois University. Before pursuing her master's degree, she worked as a quality control lab technician ensuring that all received products met the high standards of the lab in which she worked. While working on her master's program, Sarrah interned in records management and data entry for a clinical research company. With her sharp eye for detail, Sarrah meticulously manages records to ensure accuracy, organization, and clarity.

She is originally from Naperville, IL and now resides in Seattle with her husband. She is an avid reader, enjoys traveling and is a licensed scuba diver. Her favorite travel destinations have been Egypt, Sri Lanka, India, and Mexico.


Keila Manjarres, Director of Business Development

With certifications in Social Media Marketing and Event Management and Design, Keila comes to MACHAON with a strong background in digital marketing. She has previously worked in content creation, corporate recruiting, and sales and retention where she consistently met and exceeded goals.


Keila was captain of her high school basketball team and a member of a multicultural sorority in college. Through these team pursuits, she has learned to motivate and connect with a diverse group of people. She brings these skills to her creative pursuits both personally and professionally. Keila enjoys photography and video editing which she puts to use in her management of MACHAON's social media platforms. 


In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching black and white films, hiking in national parks, and meditating. She has enjoyed visiting Zion National Park, Red Rock Canyon, and Playa Del Carmen in Mexico.

Keila was born in Southern California and raised in rural town in Northwest Arkansas. She recently moved to Seattle where she has appreciated exploring city life and enjoying the beautiful and diverse ecology.

Tatiana Phillips, Records Coordinator

Tatiana is working towards her bachelor's degree in Medical Anthropology and Global Health at The University of Washington. Once she achieves her degree she intends to attend graduate school and then medical school. She would like to practice non- invasive cardiology- inspired by a family history of cardiac issues and her favorite TV show character. She has a particular interest in how economic status and other factors can affect the healthcare a person receives and how critical representation can be in achieving positive medical outcomes. 

In high school, Tatiana interned at Planned Parenthood where she worked directly with medical professionals and developed skills in communicating sensitive topics with care and compassion. She also interned in records management in a library where she learned to multitask and synthesize large volumes of information so as to convey it more effectively. Tatiana sense of humor and organizational skills are an integral part of MACHAON's records department where she utilizes them to efficiently prepare records for expert review.

Tatiana likes to write poetry, watch crime shows, and read sci- fi novels. She has particularly enjoyed The Scythe Series and The Unwind Series by Neal Shushterman. Originally from Brooklyn, Tatiana chose to attend college in Seattle to gain independence and explore a new city. 


Hannah Sarquilla, Records Coordinator

Hannah is concurrently pursuing her bachelor's and master's degrees in Public Health with a specialty in Nutritional Health and Dietetics at The University of Washington. Initially intending to study nursing, Hannah was inspired by her own health journey and developed a passion for nutrition and wellness. After graduating, she hopes to work as a nutritionist with a focus on working with young people to encourage them to participate more actively in conversations about their health and wellbeing. 

Utilizing her patience and organization skills to meticulously sort records and manage an intensive course load, Hannah is diligent in ensuring that each task is completed to the best of her ability and in a timely fashion. 

In her free time, Hannah enjoys exploring different cuisines, taking nature walks, and baking. Her go to recipe is chocolate chip cookies, but she has been experimenting with filled cookies. She also enjoys crime shows and documentaries. Hannah is a Seattle native and resides in West Seattle.

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