MACHAON Medical Evaluations, Inc. was founded on the basic business principles of quality, professionalism, fairness in pricing, and the offering of value-added services to our clients. MACHAON's relationships with their customers are built through excellence in communications, attention to detail, efficient operations and an attitude that allows flexibility for service enhancements.


The name "MACHAON" (pronounced ma-kay-un) is based on a notable, accomplished, ancient Greek army physician found in Homer's Iliad. The son of Asclepius, Machaon and his brother, Podalirius, served as doctors in the Greek army during the war with Troy.


The ancient Greeks are known for their advancements in science, medicine, architecture, philosophy, and the arts. MACHAON Medical Evaluations, Inc. is known for outstanding client service, performance excellence, the professionalism of our staff and IME consultants, as well as honesty and integrity in the market place.