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Chart Reviews


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 The MACHAON team believes in a classic return to service. Why work with MACHAON?


  • 25 Years of Experience

- We bring a seasoned, informed approach to our operations​

- Our team has worked on a wide variety of cases, we are here to support you from         your simplest to your most complex matter

  • Easy scheduling

- Schedule IMEs when and where you need them

- Arrange interpreters, transportation, videographers and diagnostic testing

- Recommend the best expert for the case every time

- Manage all aspects of communication between you and the expert

- Stay on top of deadlines and monitor case progress to help you stay on track


  • Excellent Communication

- Fast responses

- Save our clients time and energy

- Use our in depth understanding of our experts and the industry to help you make       informed decisions


  • Credibility

- Precise and detailed reporting

- Transparent pricing

- Accurate estimates

- Quality experts, we have long term professional relationships with many of our             experts. We know them and their specifications

- Always onboarding new experts 

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