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Mission Statement

MACHAON is dedicated to providing the highest quality, independent medical evaluations to help our customers with their claims management needs.


MACHAON's values help guide our decisions every day. 


 Commitment to our clients. MACHAON establishes customer satisfaction and loyalty through:


  • Open and honest communication

  • Responsiveness and availability

  • Personalized service to meet the specifications of each case

  • Trust and respect

  • Transparency in pricing and policy

  • Timely, professional, and consistent delivery of service

  • Accurate, detail oriented, and credible reports


 Commitment to our associates and experts. MACHAON creates long-term relationships through:


  • Open and honest communication

  • Fairness in compensation, and policy

  • Trust and respect

  • Training and education

  • Opportunities for advancement


 Commitment to our community. MACHAON believes in giving back to our community by providing   charitable resources for those in need.

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